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Biophotonics in Quebec City

Quebec City, a world center for Biophotonics 

Québec City has a concentration of research and development in biophotonics that is exceptional. Several research centers, such as the Center for Optics and Laser and the Neurophotonics Center, have outstanding facilities and research programs in biophotonics. In addition, Québec City has a very important network of industries with activities and products for - or using biophotonics. Laval University has also deployed the $ 98-million-funded Sentinel North initiative to develop innovative opto-photonics tools and improve our understanding of the northern environment and its impact on humans and their health.

Québec City is at the center for international collaborations in biophotonics. Several alliances have been made with other centers, research institutes and companies in Quebec, and elsewhere in the world to push the boundaries of the field. It is thus possible for students in biophotonics to carry out research projects in collaboration with other laboratories and universities in the world, as well as with the industry sector.

Already more than 40 professors at Université Laval can supervise research projects in biophotonics. These professors are in the vast majority associated with the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine. Research laboratories are located all over the campus and in research centers affiliated with the University.

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