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Who can apply to the Biophotonics Programs ?

The Master's degree program is open to all students with a university degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree in science or engineering from the following disciplines (or equivalent): physics, physical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, neurosciences, biophysics, biotechnology, biomedical sciences, medical biology.

The doctoral program is open to all students holding a master's degree in biophotonics or in the same disciplines mentioned above.

Why choose biophotonics ?

Today, biophotonics is at the heart of considerable societal, economic and technological stakes. It is revolutionizing the life sciences and medicine: the therapeutic applications of lasers and optical fibers are increasing every year; New imaging techniques make the human body transparent and open the way to the exploration of the infinitely small. Optics is necessary for the development of new remote sensing methods to monitor the evolution of the environment, for applications for the food industry, for tools for studying the microbiome, and many others.

What are the job opportunities?

Due to the significant impact of biophotonics in fields as diverse as medicine, ecology, the environment, the agro industry and basic research, there are many opportunities, both academic and industrial, for career development. Employment opportunities in the industry are numerous, in R & D, quality control, project manager, production, etc. The main sectors concerned are healthcare (hospital therapy, medical imaging, biomaterials, cosmetology, etc.), basic research, ecology, environment (eg detection of contaminants) and the military.

But expertise in biophotonics is very rare. High-tech industries in Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world are struggling to find highly qualified personnel in biophotonics, capable of interpreting issues at the interface of life sciences and physical sciences. Obtaining an MSc and/or a PhD in biophotonics at Université Laval is thus a unique opportunity.

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